Techno DJ/Producer


Hemka is one of the most promising djs and producers in the boiling Parisian scene. Her skills behind the decks got her sharing the stage with figures of the international Techno circuit like Surgeon, D. Carbone, Jeroen Search or Sleeparchive to name a few. Hemka impresses always with the quality of her selection with a huge focus on the 90’s sonorities while keeping an eye on modern textures. Her Techno is fast- paced, industrial and a bit psychedelic, while the emotional element is ever- present. This applies also to her own material where the sound of synthesizers is a key component. After several releases and remixes on Off White, Concepto Hipnotico and Amazone rec to name a few, her talent got noticed by Rebekah who offers her a space on her famous Decoy imprint. That was followed by a solid Sci-fi oriented EP on Labrynth and Green Fetish.
2017 looks pretty intense for this tireless producer as she’s doing her Tresor and Rex club premiere in february. And on the production side, she’s joining dutch label Float roaster alongside TWR72, Tensal, PEARL with an outstanding release.

Labels: Float Records (NL), Decoy Records (UK), Dolma Records (FR), Green Fetish Records (AU), Labrynth (US), Driving Forces Recordings (FR), Off White Records (IT), Amazone Records (FR), WAWH Records (FR), Concepto Hipnotico (AR), Lunar Limited (FR)

Tracks supported by: TWR72, Jeroen Search, Tripeo, Monoloc, Luca Agnelli, Eric Cloutier, Ben Sims, Itoh Takaaki, Endlec, Rebekah, Paul Mac, D.A.V.E The Drummer, Marla Singer, Minimum Syndicat, Dasha Rush, Sleeparchive ...

Played with: Drumcell, Developer, Johannes Heil, Electric Rescue, Lewis Fautzi, Remco Beekwilder, The Welderz, Skudge, CW/A, Conforce, Jeroen Search, Sinfol, Surgeon, Keepsakes, Bas Mooy, Kr!z, Aiken, Psyk, Kobosil, Fabrizio Lapiana, Yan Cook, Monya, Adriana Lopez, Miss Djax, Sleeparchive, Reeko, Kwartz, ...

Country: France




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