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Various | By: admin | 2017.May.23

Really happy to announce the first release for Hemka on Resident Advisor ! It deals with her EP on Float Records (NL) : The Mystery of the Black Flamingo.

Release date: March 2017
Label: Float Records (NL)
Rating: 3.6/5

1. Hemka - The Mystery Of The Black Flamingo (Original Mix)
2. Hemka - Lamb In Lotus (Original Mix)
3. Hemka - Piranha Plant (Original Mix)

Hemka has been building a reputation as a DJ in Paris for years, but her recent productions have brought her wider attention. Her style of techno is deranged and hypnotic, reminiscent of Jeff Mills at his most psychedelic. Take the astronomical "Hallucinations" for the French collective Why Are We Here or the industrial "Sharpened," which was released on Decoy. But best of all are Hemka's self-released tracks, where she roams freely through dance music's vaults. The gabber-esque "You Won't Understand" is a highlight, along with the spangled "Drunk Violins" and the rave-ready "To All The Loved Ones."

The Mystery Of The Black Flamingo is shrouded in dark techno magic. Hemka sends you to the edge of oblivion with the title track, which features furious synth notes that rain down in chilly torrents. "Lamb In Lotus" sounds harmless—tranquil even—but it's just as frantic as the title track, albeit in a silky, gossamer-like way. It evokes an image of an insect caught in a trap, quivering with panic. The fluttering beats and erratic bloops continue on "Piranha Plant." Hemka's icy sound design across the EP might leave you with a tingling sensation.

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