Hemka debut EP on Float Records

Release | By: admin | 2017.March.06

Hemka is now joining the Float Records roster alongside TWR72, P.E.A.RL, Tensal and many more with her new 3 tracks debut EP.
The Mystery of the Black Flamingo is the debut of Paris based Hemka. And she delivers a unique vision on techno. The first track is titled The Mystery of the Black Flamingo and has the perfect combination of intelligent sequences and club focused elements. It's multifunctional. We don't know if the real black flamingo has the same abilities, but that remains a mystery. Lamb in Lotus, the 2nd track of the EP, continues with the same sequences and contains incredible driving and storytelling elements. Everything is supported by subtle placed hihats & claps which strengthen the powerful rhythms. The final track is called Piranha Plant and has raw edges and a bit more spaced out feeling than it's predecessors, and therefore makes a perfect fit to close the EP. A musical explosion is what you will get with this brilliant EP by Hemka....

Release date: 2017-03-06
Label: Float Records
Catalog: FLOAT016

1. Hemka - The Mystery of the Black Flamingo (Original Mix)
2. Hemka - Lamb in Lotus (Original Mix)
3. Hemka - Piranha Plant (Original Mix)
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